Richard Hall, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, has been playing around Peterborough for over 20 years in bands including Jacob's Ladder, Voodoo, Stealer (Free tribute) and original bands Within and Isiah.
Regardless of his love for writing and playing original music, Rich is familiar with the local covers scene and playing the Eagles sits well with him. It's like coming full circle - back to music he loved growing up.
Mark Hall shares many of his brother's musical influences - growing up together they listened to the same artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Dire Straights, Queen and of course the Eagles.
In 2007, Mark joined Isiah as lead guitarist, putting his own touch on their original songs and now with the Outlaw Eagles he's inspired to push his abilities further and is relishing the opportunity to play some of his favourite songs.
Tony Harris is a veteran multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and all-round nice guy, whose slick lead guitar lends itself nicely to the Outlaw Eagles.  
Tony has been involved in studio production for many years, working in music, radio and TV, as well as voiceovers for many celebrities. He even got his hand in on the Beatles' Sargeant Pepper album !
Tony himself had a couple of singles in the 1970s and has since been in many bands ... and still is!He performs regularly with several other acts as well as the Outlaw Eagles.


Alec Rowsell was 20 when some mates were forming a band and needed a bassist. He then spent the 1990s chasing the dream (often squashed between speakers in VW vans), during which he supported many of the big acts of that time such as the Choirboys and Skunk Anansie, playing venues like the Markee and The Junction in Cambridge.
After a long break, Alec picked up his guitar again and has since been involved with local bands Leon, The Guards and Let There BDC to name a few - and now the Outlaw Eagles!
Andrew Cox is a seasoned player around Peterborough and beyond. He's steady and reliable, and a great guy!