Around October 2015, Peterborough-based Outlaw Eagles emerged from some jam sessions with brothers Mark and Richard Hall and bassist Alec Rowsell. With Eagles tunes such as Life in the Fast Lane and Take it Easy regularly appearing, it seemed like the obvious way to go and, after a little thinking (like, "Can we do this?"), they got excited about the idea. By the following week, drummer Andy was on board, who then introduced Tony, an Eagles enthusiast who already knew many of the tracks ... and that was it! The deal was done.
Outlaw Eagles cover classics such as:
  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • Hotel California
  • Take it Easy
  • One of these Nights
  • New Kid in Town
  • Lyin' Eyes
  • Take it to the Limit
  • Desperado

... and many more
The current set also includes some of the band's preferred album tracks, such as Doolin' Dalton from the Eagles' outlaw-themed second album Desperado. It was this album that helped the Outlaw Eagles choose their name.